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When Dementia Knocks

A university employee stopped at the dementia simulation house the other day to deliver something. He seemed to have some curiosity as to what this project is all about, and we chatted for a bit. He told me that his dad, who has dementia, doesn’t even try to pay attention to conversations anymore. He looks at the ceiling. He fiddles with the buttons on his shirt. He sticks his tongue out. Every once in while, he responds. It’s typically “yes”… Read More »When Dementia Knocks

Experimental Alzheimer’s drug may slow cognitive decline

The experimental intravenous drug donanemab may slow cognitive decline in people living with Alzheimer’s, according to a Phase 2 clinical trial. Researchers found that the drug slowed the decline of cognition and daily function in participants by 32 percent after 76 weeks compared to those who received a placebo. The research is early, but Maria Carrillo, Alzheimer’s Association chief science officer, says the drug “could be a first step toward slowing more significantly, or stopping, cognitive decline in these earlier… Read More »Experimental Alzheimer’s drug may slow cognitive decline