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What Is The DFCI - Walworth County?

The Dementia Friendly Community Initiative (DFCI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in Walworth County led by wife-husband duo Bernadette and Eric Russow. We provide free training to businesses, agencies, and churches to create dementia-friendly spaces and promote dementia awareness throughout the community. This training gives advice on recognizing signs of dementia, effectively communicating and assisting individuals with dementia, and locating dementia resources. Click here to learn more about our organization.
Cycling Without Age  Donation Your gift makes a difference in the lives of those with Alzheimer’s, others with disabilities and their caregivers. The checks can be made out to:  Dementia Friendly Community Initiative (or DFCI) P.O. Box 172, Elkhorn, WI. 53121

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating dementia-friendly communities within Walworth County. These communities will provide those with dementia a safe, respectful, understanding, and supportive environment to help encourage them to be as independent as possible, as well as become more involved in their community.

Training Sessions

Allow us to show you how dementia-friendly training can improve your bottom line!

Training businesses, agencies, and churches to practice dementia-friendly policies is crucial in reducing the stigma surrounding dementia and creating safe spaces for those with dementia.

We customize our training based on your organization’s type to ensure you and your team are equipped with the proper procedures. Organizations that complete the training will receive a Purple Angel Award and be featured on our website and Facebook page. Click here to view our Facebook page.

For your convenience, the training can be completed in one or multiple sessions and held at a time and location that is suitable for you and your team. Click here for more information.

Contact Us

(262) 320-7325

1527 Meadow Lane
Elkhorn, WI

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